A “Tween” Room For Lilly

Posted on Aug 20, 2012 in Color, Décor, Fabrics, Interior Design

Recently B&A got to create a new look for a client’s daughter, Lilly.  The project was to take her bedroom from a little girl look to a “tween” look.  And, although this project was a birthday gift to Lilly from her parents, her mother, Jennifer agreed to let Lilly take part in the décor choices.

That was important to me because I wanted Lilly to begin to understand the use of color, textures and patterns to create a pleasing atmosphere for herself.  As side benefits she ended up learning about budget and patience (which she exemplified as she waited and w.a.i.t.e.d for the job to be finished).  Decorating 101 for Lilly!

Lilly’s little girl room was a girly, girly room beautifully decorated in soft pink through and through.  To totally revamp her room and give her a much more age appropriate look we decided to get rid of the soft, juvenile theme and go bolder with bright, vivid fabrics – and by the way, not only were we looking for an older look but we also wanted to make it a look that could carry her through high school as well.  Once Lilly expressed to us what her favorite colors were, Jennifer, Sammi and I hit the design showrooms in search of fabrics.  Obviously,  we wanted to make sure that Lilly was guided in directions where color, texture and pattern were combined to create a beautiful look for her room.  So, we put together three different sets of choices and then let Lilly make the final decision.

As for the core pieces of furniture in the room, everything still worked. We repainted the room taking it from pink to one of my favorite colors I use whenever I want the walls to act as a backdrop to what I call “power statements” such as the fabrics and bedding we were choosing to use.  Benjamin Moore, my favorite paint on the market, calls the color “Monterey White”.  Lilly has an adjoining bathroom that was already painted a soft green that fit well with our new color scheme and quite frankly, looked even fresher once we took the bedroom walls to a creamy white.

Lilly’s birthday present of a new look for her bedroom turned out to be so much more than just a present.  I believe that by allowing Lilly to be a part of the decision making for the color choices, she was able to feel that her personal space reflects who she is and what she is about even at this young age!

Lilly enjoying quiet time in her new room

Lilly enjoying quiet time in her new room

Design Choices

Bedroom Wall Color:


Custom Workroom:

  • Laurel Lane Draperies

Photo Credits: Cameron Triggs Photography

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