Nurseries With Room to Grow

Over the years B&A Interiors has planned many nurseries. It’s been great fun to work with specific themes and design. More recently and perhaps because we are respectful of the environment, we have focused our energies on creating nurseries with room to grow. In other words, we allow the design and décor to easily adapt to the “growing up” of the child the space is planned for so that much of the furniture and décor can transition to older ages. We carefully plan the design so that once the crib and baby items are removed, the core elements of the space still work – regardless of the age! Simply add some posters for a tween or teen for example, and voilà the space is transformed!

In this post are examples of two nurseries – the first for a baby girl and the second for a baby boy.

The baby girl’s nursery was designed two years ago. Much of the detail such as the window treatments and the artwork on the walls is timeless and will work in the space for many, many years to come. The hand-painted initials on the wall though chosen as an impact statement will soon become the “headboard” for her big girl bed. And, no need to purchase a changing table. We simply converted a dresser into one and once she’s out of diapers, it will be her dresser!

Creative baby changing stations

(Left) A closet becomes a changing table to later be used as a desk nook. (Right) Dresser in baby girl’s room used as a changing table to later be her “big girl” dresser.

The baby boy’s nursery we designed almost five years ago. Baby Owen is now little Owen going to kindergarten and his room still looks the same – minus the crib and baby stuff of course. And yes, the changing table/closet area is now a desk nook with built-in shelves added above the desk for his soon to use school supplies and books. Every other element of the décor still works. In fact, it will work even when he goes off to college or on his own and the space becomes a guest room!

Modern nursery with animal prints

A nursery for a baby boy includes a daybed to be used in a few years

Both spaces we filled with items that the babies will cherish through their lifetimes such as the Vintage Lunch Boxes in Owen’s nursery and the framed “Onesie” in Ansley’s nursery handmade for her as a baby gift.

Nursery with cherished keepsakes

(Left) Built-in bookcases highlight vintage lunch boxes. (Right) A framed “Onesie” adds sentimental charm to the nursery.

Nurseries are a wonderful room to design and decorate. There is nothing, really nothing more exciting than to create a space for new life. But, even though these spaces are unique in that they are designed for a specific age, if properly planned, much of their décor can be timeless. What a great way to begin teaching respect for the environment and the value of practical spending for your child!

Photo credits: Cameron Triggs Photography

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