Refinishing Furniture To Refresh Your Décor

Through the years of working with clients, one of the things I have enjoyed most is giving some of their furniture pieces a new look.  Not only is this a less expensive way to freshen up the décor, it’s certainly a more environmentally friendly way to decorate as well.  One of those win-win situations!

Family pieces that have been passed down through the generations, garage sale finds and consignment store finds are examples of pieces that can take on a completely new, updated look with some elbow grease and artistic creativity.  I cannot tell you how many homes through the years that we’ve added interesting pieces to from shops such as consignment stores.  Finds such as accent tables, dining tables, occasional pieces and bedroom furniture- you name it, we’ve transformed them into beautiful new pieces – all for less than what a new piece would cost in a retail store.  What I especially like about furniture pieces passed down through the family or found at garage sales and consignment stores is that very often the detailing on these pieces is really interesting.  And, if given a chance, can really be spiffed up to create a unique piece in your home.

Take for example the dresser seen in the picture below.  Our clients wanted to be able to use this chest (a piece from Seth’s childhood) in the master bedroom of their new home.  However, it really didn’t fit the overall look or blend well with the furniture and accessories we were incorporating into the room.  So, I suggested that we have it repainted and then aged to give it extra character.  The clients agreed that this would be a great idea and also asked that we change out the knobs on the piece.  Check out the photo of the dresser after artist, Sean Glover worked his magic.  Do you notice that the knobs are still the same?  That’s because once the piece was refined, I knew that the knobs would work (and take on a new look themselves) and I can tell you, the clients were thrilled!  Same dresser with a new look updated the piece and made it work it in room – all for a great price!

Dresser refinishing before and after

(Left) The dresser “before.” (Right) The dresser “after.”

Here’s another example of a piece of furniture that we refined.  This Étagère, in the dining room of one of our clients needed a face-lift.  Although the original finish on the piece was pretty, it really didn’t fit the décor in the new home.  Look at the “before and after” shots of the piece and you’ll see the transformation.  Once the piece was repainted, aged and artfully detailed it took on an entirely new look and became the focal point of the room.  Even the china in the cabinet stood out more once we gave the piece a new look!

Refinishing an Étagère

(Left) The old finish can still be seen on the doors. (Right) Painted, aged and artfully detailed new look.

One of our services we offer at B&A Interiors is Homespace Coaching.   With this service we view your home “as is” and then provide you with an overview of recommendations we believe will create a space that is more visually appealing.  Some of our suggestions are simple – such as shifting a piece of furniture on an angle (this allows the piece to be viewed more uniquely).  Without a doubt, part of our Homespace Coaching often includes ways to refinish, refurbish and refine pieces you already have.  Take a look around your space and see if you have furniture that could use refining.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly your décor changes!

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